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“Changes” is also on my RPM cd for 2013.   One afternoon in February, I was meeting with a friend of mine, Ben, for coffee. Something we do often- though not often enough- and we were talking about our lives.  He talked about how busy he was for classes at school and planning his wedding for September and all kinds of fun stuff on the horizon.  I was talking about how I had come to screeching halt.  January seemed never ending and the first week of February I got food poisoning and was sick for 4 days!  Thank goodness I had the RPM Challenge to get back to some kind of business, because there was nothing going on.  A couple of weeks earlier, I had to bite the bullet and get a part time job.  I wasn’t making enough out in the Squares to pay my bills anymore.  Clearly, there were a lot of changes happening!  As always though, my visit with Ben was awesome.

Changes are always going to happen, that just kept ringing through my head.  I was in the shower one morning and came up with the first two lines of my Haiku.  Later on, I called Ben, struggling with the third line.  He said, “Whatever it is, make it pertain to you”  He never gives an answer, he always makes you think.  As always, it worked.  The last line – “Never lose yourself”  came to me a couple days later. He loved it!  I think we all get to a point where we want to do things at certain times that aren’t necessarily us.  I have done it and I have to live with those repercussions, anyway…. It is important to stay true to who you are, regardless.

So, now I have the Haiku, what to do for music.  I wanted to have someone play on this with me, but there wasn’t enough time.  I did the best I could to represent this being by myself.  The idea for the tune was to use chord changes to represent the changes in life.  During the second line- “Good bad or indifferent” I was going to use 1 scale and do a circle of fifths progression.  Some of it would have sounded great, some not, well you get the idea.   So, I left my mistakes in there instead.  Hopefully, one day, I can get this recorded the way I wanted to.  But for now here it is.  Please click on the link below and give it a listen.  It is also available as a free download!

Enjoy! And Thank you for taking a listen!🙂

When February 1st finally arrived, I was ready to get started on my new Challenge cd.  I went right to work, looking up scales and progressions that are used in Russian music.  The first Haiku I wrote was in reference to Dostoevsky’s, “The Idiot” —

Myshkin, the Poor Knight,  Heart torn between to women,  Tragically, lost both

I wanted to use scales that Russians use.  I was even able to find pentatonic scales so it would fit in with the confines of Haiku Jazz.  I got started right away on chord progressions, using Georgian triads that I also found.  Since I have not written progressions in a few years, and haven’t really had to think of transposing, I did all the progressions in my key. I transposed them and a few days later, realized I did it backwards.  Are you kidding me?  So, I did it all again, in a simpler form.  I still feel I will improv my part over the progression.  In my mind, it seems like a good idea, I guess we’ll see.

On the 4th, I came down with a nasty cold.  I didn’t understand that, as I had just gotten over strep from a week before.  I hadn’t been sick in three years then I get a one two punch.  And that isn’t the worst part, I also got food poisoning!  So, from the 4th to the 8th I was pretty much laid up. I lost some valuable time there, but I am not daunted.  On the 9th I got right back to work, with a progression for a Haiku I wrote in reference to “Les Miserables”–

24601,  All he did was steal some bread, He is- Jean Valjean

I wanted to start with these two first, I think they are the more difficult ones, due to the research I did on them.  Now I am able to get to work some of the other Haiku.  I gues being laid up wasn’t a total loss, it did give me time to create another one–

Cafe Barista, A cappuccino in hand, frothy heart on top

I have a couple more I had before I got sick, but I will talk about those as I do them.  I still have 5 more Haiku to write, find a couple of musicians to play with me and space to record this in. It could be I do them solo, then go back with other musicians and layer over my part.  We’ll see what happens.  For now, it is off to my work station to get busy!🙂

Thank you for following along!


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